2016 Web Indexing Award

On behalf of the Web and Electronic Indexing SIG of ASI, I am glad to announce the winner of the Web Indexing Award 2016, an international competition, was:

Name: Dr Douglas Lowry
Publication: Catholic Q and A: Essentials of the Faith Explained by Father Ray Ryland.  An ebook with MarpX search engine using patented proximity search algorithm and ebook index.
Indexer’s Society: American Society for Indexing
Software Used: MarpX.com, using Doug Lowry’s search engine algorithm patent USA 7,433,893: Method and system for compression indexing and efficient proximity search of text data (see http://www.google.com/patents/US7433893)
Judge’s remarks
It was a combo index with internal index and themes and an external search engine that pointed to words not found in internal indexes.
This is a pioneer into the new overlap between ebook indexing and Web indexing (search).  There are still human indexes in the ebook and the search engine complements that with very accurate proximity search that uses distance between words in the search making the entries very accurate.

For more, visit http://digital-publications-indexing.org/award/2016.htm

Dwight Walker
Digital Publications Indexing SIG of ASI