Discovering Our Faith

CatholicFind enhances e-books with the most powerful search capabilities.  This is not your standard search!   Now you can find tremendous value in the text by locating proximate terms, accessing meaning in context, and even reference terms across different volumes.

CatholicFind is an advanced tool leveraging tagged-text search and blazing-fast speed, enabling you to spend less time searching and more time learning and understanding.

Your mobile device instantly becomes a powerful research tool

Imagine your phone, in your hand, with access to 17 thousand documents.  35 million words.  Scripture.  Reflections. Teachings.  All instantly available to you to help you along your Christian journey.   That is what CatholicFind does.

All you need

  • a mobile device, phone, tablet or even a laptop
  • an e-book reader app (free and readily accessible by most devices)
  • an e-book enhanced with CatholicFind (guess what:  you can have one for free!)
  • access to the internet