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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an e-Book? How do I access one?

Electronic Books (or, e-Books) are exactly what they sound like; digital copies of publications which are easily stored, used, and referred to on an electronic device.   Paperless, weightless, and completely portable,  e-Books are practically everywhere you look now.  While they were made popular by large firms like Amazon, you’ll find e-Books on all kinds of devices today – like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, ‘thin-clients’ and more!

CatholicQ&A is available in two versions:  the Full Version and a Sample Version. 

The Sample Version is provided free of charge and includes only a handful of the 667 questions contained in the Full Version.   The sample product is available through our website and can be downloaded easily.   You can get the sample in either .EPUB or .MOBI format.    These can be installed on your device for your use.

The Full Version is the complete e-book, with all questions and answers, all functionality, etc.   All Full Version sales are handled exclusively through Amazon and can be purchased at this link.    When you purchase through Amazon, you’ll be able to use the e-book in your Kindle device.   Non-Kindle users can leverage the Amazon Kindle App which enables any non-Kindle device to use the Kindle-formatted e-book.   Click here for more information on the Kindle App.

Where can I find more about Father Ryland?
Of course, the most accessible resource for ‘all things’ is Google.   You can search for Fr Ray Ryland find find a myriad of sites, pages, posts, and content.   We encourage you to do so. For some poignant and thoughtful content, we invite you to visit these sites as well: Karl Keating – Fr Ray Ryland, RIP Jimm Akin – Everything that Rises May Diverge:  In Memory of Fr. Ray Ryland Mark Shea – Fr. Ray Ryland, RIP Kevin Lowry – Thank you, Father Ray
I bought the e-Book, but I'm having trouble. Where can I find help and support?

First of all, thank you for buying the book!   We’re glad that you wanted to read this great collection and so we want to help you get access as easily as possible. If you’re having trouble with the e-book, we’d ask you to first be sure that you’re using the device correctly and have already contacted your manufacturer about how an e-book should work.    We’ve built these e-books within all development standards of the common formats, and all our products go through a solid quality check before being released.

These steps may assist you in accessing the ebook on your device:

[1] Using the device on which you will read the ebook, open the web browser. Surf to CatholicQuestions.org.[2] Select the second of the six buttons across the top. It is labelled “Catholic Q&A”. From its dropdown menu, select “Free Sample”.[3] Select “Add to Cart”.[4] Select “View Cart”.[5] Select “Proceed to Checkout”.[6] Fill in the form. (We don’t do much with the information other that get a sense of the people who are interested. We capture the email address to send a download option.)[7] Select “Place Order”.[8] On the “Order Received” page under “Order Details” select either Download 1 or Download 2 (mobi for Kindle devices, epub for anything else). The download should arrive on your device.[9] On your device, go to your email app, open the email that has arrived from CatholicQuestions, select the download. When asked what to do with the download, open it in your ebook reader.

The e-book should work. If you have no resolution from your device manufacturer and you continue to struggle with the product, please contact us via email at sales@catholicquestions.org and we’ll do what we can to help you troubleshoot!

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