Former Episcopalian Priest – The Journey Home

EWTN Global Catholic Television Network: Journey Home hosted by Marcus Grodi with his guest, Fr. Ray Ryland, a former Episcopalian Priest.

Father Ray was brought up in the Disciples of Christ denomination. After serving in the Pacific during World War II, Fr. Ray attended seminary and was ordained an Episcopal priest in 1950. Ministering in that denomination for over a decade, both he and his wife, Ruth, were led by the Holy Spirit to seek Catholic unity. In 1963, along with their five children, they were received into the Catholic Church. Fr. Ray was ordained a Catholic priest in 1983. He received his eternal reward on March 20, 2014. He is survived by Ruth. They were married nearly 69 years.

Fr. Ray Ryland: Episcopal Priest Who Became Catholic

Marcus Grodi and Father Ray answer open-line questions during an episode of The Journey Home broadcast on EWTN.