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Catholic Q & A

Discover the truth and live the Catholic faith how it is intended.  The best collection of Catholic questions and answers from Father Ray Ryland is here!
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What do you have..

…when you combine an Episcopal priest turned faithfully Catholic and a lawyer with a brilliant intellect? Add to that, training as a Ph.D. in theology? Spice the recipe with a devastatingly quick wit and keen sense of humor.  

Reviews from Catholic Authors…

“I wholeheartedly recommend the wisdom of Fr. Ray Ryland.
I knew him well for the last quarter century of his remarkable life. I still treasure the gift of his friendship and wisdom, his deep insight and good humor. Like many others, I learned a great deal from him through his preaching, teaching, and our many conversations. This collection will preserve his many gifts for years to come.”

Scott Hahn

Catholic Professor, Author and Speaker

Every page of this book shines with clarity and sanity. What a gift God gave us in this man. What a gift the editors have given us by publishing Father Ryland’’s Catholic Q&A.

Mike Aquilina

Catholic Author and Speaker

This is an excellent book. Fr. Ryland’s wisdom and insights have helped me for years as I’ve navigated life as a lay Catholic and father of a large family. As a close personal friend, I would go to him for advice and he was my most trusted mentor. This book puts the treasury of his wisdom at everyone’s fingertips and I’m so grateful it has been collected and published. His practical advice and insights will lead you to understand what it truly means to “Think with the Church.” Mike Sullivan

Catholic Speaker

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